Crime in Trujillo

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I am planning on moving to either Huanchaco or Trujillo in the next year to year and a half. I will be visiting in December 2016 to stay in both places for a couple of days and see what life is like. My man concern is 1) crime 2) access to health care. If I move to Trujillo it would most likely be Urb. Calfornia area. I hear Trujillo is second only to Lima in terms of crime and murder. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, a third option would be either Simbal or Arequipa. Any thoughts?

Arequipa is prob... the least of the three. have lived in the area and crime is very low. housing is in the reasonable amount for what you get. if you are leaving the la area for instance. you could trade your 2 bedroom bung for a castle an still have cash in your pocket. example a 3 bedroom would be in th 60,000 usd amount.

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Thanks for the reply. Any thoughts on crime and access to healthcare in Trujillo versus Huanchaco ot Arequipa?

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You responded to a question of mine regarding Arequipa back in November. do you still live in Arequipa? I'm traveling there in August. What can you tell me about living there?



first: I have many friends in Trujillo and they all tell me it is very dangerous there. while all be cities have a risk of danger I believe that you will find Arequipa one of the lower ones. the cities have grown together now and pop is about 200,000 or so. its still like a bedroom community without a bigger city near by.

health care is about the same where ever you go. mostly only the richer and the forners have insurance

Great! Thanks again for responding. Tengo otra pregunta: Yo se que Arequipa esta rodeada de  montañas. Es dificil caminar en Arequipa ? O sea, tiene muchas calles muy empinadas? Pregunto porque tengo cierta dificultad al caminar.



Hay algunas calles que son empinadas pero mucho no lo son. También se puede obtener una moto de 50 centavos o 15 centavos para ir por toda la ciudad. Yo no creo que sería malo. ¿Estás planeando tener un coche? Gas es caro un transporte en Arequipa es muy barato.

when are you planning on coming?

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Hey Pablo, thank you for responding. We are planning on visiting Arequipa some time in August. I believe it'll be the well of August 7th and we would stay for about two days. We want to look at the city as a possible place to move to and live. What would you suggest we do to get a good feel for what life is like there for people who live there, not just for tourists?

What would you say the city is like in terms of crime compared to through here and also Medical Care? How about quality of life? How close is it to the nearest beach? I was born and raised in Miami so you can imagine I love going to the water.

I'm interested to hear your view of living in Arequipa.



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