Expat Groups in San Miguel de Allende

My boss will be in San Miguel de Allende on November 1-3rd.  We are looking to learn of different  groups, clubs, etc. of Expats in San Miguel de Allende.   She would like to meet with the different organizations to see how we can meet with different expats to survey them for our project.  Any suggestions?

Hi Heather,

My name is Melanie and I am a full-time resident in SMA.

It would help if you could explain a little about your project and specifically;

1. What are the project goals?
2. What is your target market (Expats is a pretty broad category)?
3. How do you want to interview people (alone, as a group, etc)?
4. How long does the interview process take?   
5. Where will results of the survey be published?


Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your message.  We are looking to find and establish a link to organizations of any type that Expats are in.  We are a research firm, on behalf of an entity who may build a residential environment for people as they age.  We do not wish to sell, we wish to present concepts for the community and obtain opinions from them. We are a third party hired to obtain opinions about their potential concept. We would send a link to an internet survey to obtain opinions and also would like to invite them to a research seminar [large focus group] in the future.  We do this type of survey all over.  The internet survey would take an estimated 15-20 minutes to complete.   If they would also like to attend a research seminar in the future it last about 2 hours.  The research seminars provide more detail than internet survey, allows people to ask questions and provide input to the builder.  They want to learn what people are interested in.   Thank you, Heather

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