Moving to Thailand for 3 months or longer


We are planning to move to Thailand for 3 months in March. It's me, my girlfriend and our 9-month-old baby (5 months at the moment). We've been to Thailand once without the kid and we stayed at Koh Mak and Bangkok for a month.

What would be a good place to stay during March-May. We were thinking about living in north (somewhere near Mekong river) for a month or two and then somewhere on a nice relaxed island. Do you have any suggestions? We would definitely want to be able to rent a small house with kitchen, not an apartment. A budget for that would be around 800€ a month.

Any suggestions welcome.



Hello Kaarel :cheers:

Droping an advert under the Housing in Thailand section of the site may help! There are several rental adverts already present there too.

Best of luck in your expatriation project :top:


i have few single houses for rent with private swimming pool if you are interested please call me +66846718318

I live in Chiang Mai. Even in a city, not Bangkok, you can get a very spacious and gracious house, furnished, with a yard and some kind of security for easily less then 400 Euro's  or US dollars. (Leases normally are one year increments.) The further you get out of the city or tourist area the cheaper the  rent. Once you decide on your place of choice you might want to look at guests houses or hotels to start with. You might want to use Agoda to find a place. They only book for less then 30 days, to get the higher rates. Then you can use the boots on the ground approach, possibly with a rental agent. In all of Thailand (maybe Asia) get everything in writing and right down to the last detail. Do not accept ANY glittering generalities, a very good sign to be suspicious. Many transactions go well. But there's always the star struck Forrang (foreigner) who assumes the best only to find out the opposite is true. Like anywhere, there are those con artist who prey on the innocent.

Thanks for the tips!

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