Jamaican Feeling Lost in Saxony

Hi i am here in saxony from Jamaica and its really difficult for me. I know know Germany and i rarely see my race here. i feel so lost. I was told that its te city i am in why i am finding it so difficult. Can anyone provide me with the best cities to live and work in Germany?

This isn't an uncommon problem, so you aren't so alone as you think.
The trick is getting to know the locals as quickly as possible. building up a network of friends.

In general one will of course find more diversity in the bigger cities like Berlin and Hamburg. There are a lot of foreigners in Germany but mostly from places like Turkey and the countries of the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia. I don't think you will find many cities other than Berlin and Hamburg that will have very large communities of Jamaicans but maybe one should look for quality over quantity when looking for friends. The thing in Germany is to find people who might share other interests like sports or other hobbies that you can connect with and make friends even if you aren't from the same place. If you are not over say 35 then maybe at the nearest University you might find good opportunities. There are often many International students and people studying might have more interest in making new friends than most people busy with their 9 to 5 jobs who already have their social contacts through work.

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