Due Diligence on USA business from the UK on E2


im hoping someone could kindly give me advice as im looking to purchase a business in the USA
but i am struggling to see how i can do it while being in the UK short of loosing a ton of money supporting myself and my partner while out in the USA to process the purchase and complete due diligence etc .. in my mind at the moment i see i would have to go out there with the intention of having to support us for at least 3-6 months which would cost maybe £30-40k.. and that money would just go down the drain!.. im also concerned if im out there doing all this and i find a issue with the business im looking at, the whole process begins again and i might run out of time on the visa i have?!

Hope that makes sense

depends a great deal on what type of business and its location but I would never want to be an absentee landlord.

Don't buy an exsisting biz no one sells a good one the good ones are sold as franchises because they don't want to let go of the good idea but can't do it all on their own. With a franchise you have all the legal stuff and law on your side before you even send a penny the visa has to be approved

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