200'000US$ sufficient to move and start a business in Dom. Rep.

Hi everyone

I have previously lived for two years in Dominican Republic and my wife is Dominican. I have in mind to move to Dom. Rep. permanently but I don't know if I have sufficient money to found a business that would generate sufficient income to make a living. Sufficient for me means 1000+ US$ a month. I also still don't have a clear idea about what kind of business i could start. I just know that I would have approx. 200'000US at hand and that would have to do it.

I would like to hear an opinion from those of you who live in Dom. Rep for a longer time already and even better from those who run their own business.

Thanks a lot

First welcome to the forums.  As a business consultant I can tell you MAYBE.  It all depends where, what kind of business, your skill sets and background.

And I will tell you to be cautious about how much info you post in a public forum.

Can you mention some buisness areas that are promising or let's say where the chance to succeed is real. You just don't want to start a business only to discover later on, that there is no need for what you offer, or people can't afford it. I know there are tons of details to consider but maybe there are some business sesctors that are much more promising than others. On the other hand the amount of money that you have at hand will also determine what kind of business you can run. This is maybe a premium question. I don't expect a detailled answer here.

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