Looking for share house,apartment longterm rental in Sihanoukville.

Not having much luck with errrrr the real estate agents replying to my emails,I speak 5 Khmer words so I take that on board...Im 43,mellow,looking for a nice place to share rental or an apartment close to the beaches,or to lease long term solo,not downtown....I dont like living on my own all that much,I speak fluent English and Spanish,cook Thai and Khmer food like a master...Very interested in moving to Kep,if that kinda sums up my mindset but having ZERO luck finding info on long term share house or apartment rentals there...ANY help would be excellent.....Thankyou ,Brett.

Hi Guidebyvoices,

I invite you to drop an advert in the Housing in Sihanoukville section of the website. Members will contact you directly if they are interested or if they have an offer.

All the best,

Thankyou Bhavna,I'll try there,thankyou.

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