I applied for a job with Saudi Rail i have got an offer 22.500sar total package 30,125 sar is this a good package with medical and trip home any advice would be good thanks.

Difficult to answer if we dont know what the role is for (function) and level.  On a general note yes the package is good but what is your nationality, and based on your spending habits , family structure etc this may not be the case.

   thanks for the reply the job is a train driver with saudi rail and i am australian
thanks. andrew

The average train driver salary across the world (US, UK , AUS) is coming between the range of SAR.18,500 - SAR. 20,500 ( 49K GBP, 54K USD , 80 AUD / yr) .  These countries also have taxation. Your total pay of 30,125 is not a lot when you look at the average pay in your country as well as others considering you will end up paying for your accommodation and other expenses here while you may save on tax.  Considering all that (pay , expenses, taxation etc ) you need to make the decision if this is a better move from AUS to KSA.

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