HI, everyone. 
I am an USA citizen  and I am  getting married in the USA to my
finance a Brazilian Lady. ,She will visit me for 2 weeks. for this purpose.
( what documents she should bring ? )
After marriage here. We want to live in Brazil. ( not in the  USA.)
I visited Brazil 4 times .and my understanding is that I have only 3 days left
for stay in Brazil  out of 180 days.
Some Brazilian deputy told me I can not come back until October next 2017
to have my full 90 days  or risk penalties.
I can go to The Brazil embassy with her,  in the USA. within that 2  weeks.
What can I do  to travel to Brazil with a valid  American marriage license.
and what document I should bring with me.
( translated to Portuguese And notarized ??  )
Is that 3 days would be enough for me to go and stay permanent in Brazil.
with the USA  Marriage license. ???
Thank you for your help

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