Moving in Hasselt

Hello to everyone!

I am a graduate in engineer and I am 24. I recently got a job in St truiden in Belgium and I am looking for a city near St Truiden to live.
Do you know something about Hasselt? Is it a nice city?
Would you suggest me other cities near St Truiden?

Thank you!

How about Sint Truiden?

Or look on a map? Surrounding Sint Truiden is Hasselt, Tongres, Liege, Hannut, Tienen, Leuven, Diest. It is up to you to look at them all and choose where you want really. I would not move somewhere because someone else liked it.

I asked for your advice because I have never been to Hasselt.
I know how to look on the map :) I am not asking this!
I would like to know if iHasselt is a nice city for young people, if there is anything to do during the night etc.. and the same for the cities surrounding St Truiden

Why don't you drive to Hasselt or take the bus there? It is not far from Sint Truiden.
There is a train line which links Landen with Hasselt via Sint Truiden, that might be a starting point, as trains are faster than buses and cars.  The trains to Landen usually continue to Leuven and Brussels.  If you are under 26, I'd spend 12 euro on a GO UNLIMITED train card and spend a week travelling around to experience towns and villages for yourself.
I really would not choose on the opinions of others. Surely your opinions matter.
A quick way of comparison is to use google images and Wikipedia  - you can see Sint Truiden is smaller but it is without more picturesque.
Your choice might come down to housing in the end. is the easiest way to find it. … mited.aspx

Thanks for your reply! The problem is that I am still not in Belgium, so I can't travel to see the different places. I will move around middle November and I am trying to look on internet the different places to see if I find the best around St Truiden.


I live in Hasselt and it is a great city for younger people to live.


Do you think it is better Leuven or Hasselt like city to live?

Both are great cities for young people especially Leuven.  You probably would have more nightlife in Leuven though.

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