Certificate Attestation! in Riyadh, Saudia


Can anyone tell me from where I can get my certificates (original/copy) attested. (*In Riyadh)

I'm applying for Australian PR and I need to attest my degrees/employment letters before I submit online.

Please share your experience, if any in this regard.

Also did anyone had a chance to get their certificates attested from Australian embassy themselves and what were the charges. Also if I get my certificates attested from someone outside what would be their charges.


Hello Saad,
I would like to know from where you want these certificate to be attested (employment reference letters and educational degrees) educational degrees are normally certified from HEC (higher education commission).
Do we need any other attestations?
Kindly do let me know, I am also into initial phase, preparation for PTE.

Kindly inbox me your cnct number.

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