Cancellation of iqama and applying visit visa

My daughter is married and I want to apply for visit visa for her to come to Riyadh for her delivery in January 2017. She is still having valid iqama and exit-re-entry till February 2017. Is it possible to cancel her iqama while it is valid and she is outside the kingdom. I was told by my HR that her Iqama can only be cancelled after its expiry. Please advise.

Why don't you let her come back (soon) and send back on final exit in March-April? Saying so, because:

1- Traveling isn't safe in 6+ months. Doctor's certificate will be needed to board. Embassy in home country can deny the visa because of pregnancy medical condition.

2- Cancellation of iqama and visit visas will take time.

3- Visit visa has a cost now - add to it the compulsory insurance cost which is of basic coverage and won't cover delivery.

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