Fiancé visa is rejected . Please help


I am Thai citizen who live in the Philippines.

I have applied fiancé visa on 20 sept. And yesterday my gf got the email from UDI saying that UDI denied the application due to the income doesn't meet requirement .

Her income on 2015 met requirement but her future income doesn't meet . She was working in the Philippines from 2014- april  2016 then came back to Norway and got a job on July 2016

I have read on UDI site that the parent support can count as an income as well my question is would it be possible if my gf's dad can be sponsor as well together with my gf ?

Beside I and my gf will stay with her dad's house ( where she grew up ). For the first few months before we get our own place ( coz we have a dog that brought from abroad as well and it is a little bi difficult to get a place/condo that accept the dog )

And the job that I am working right now can be remotely working from Norway as well , if my company issues the contract / letter saying that I will be remotely working from Norway . That income can be counted ? But the company that im working with is the philippines base though.

Ps I haven't get any email from UDI at all only my gf got that denied email . And I didn't give her a power of attorney . Wondering why this information never send to me in English .

That's really strange that you got an answer so fast, you usually have to wait 9 months just for them to say 'yes' or 'no'. Our first application was denied because of the income thing too, he was always visiting my country and the income was just under. You will have to apply for an appeal, and explain the situation to them, include as much as possible, but please note that this process take MINIMUM 9 months..

Good luck!!

Hi Willow13

So eventually, Your visa was approved? How did you do it?

I mean, finally your bf got higher income or you just explained them the situation? You can send me in PM if you dont mind  :)

thank you


Hello when we applyed fiance visa it only take 20 days for me when they approved it.if you have enough papers and enough income then its no problem..some of them it takes longer time because they checked your income.

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