Move to the Philippines by end of 2017

How much would the cost (in general be) for one to move from the East Coast USA to the Philippines? I will go by the end of 2017. I am 54 with a military pension. I was stationed at Clark - so would live around Angeles for a while, until perhaps I decide a better locale to permanently settle at. I know the Angeles area well - lived there in the 1980s. I know Clark. I am OK going back. It would be permanent for me. I am single.

i think sir you need to marry a filipina so you can stay here in the Philippines permanently...  :)

Please check with the immigration office first, I've heard of a scheme where foreigners need not be married to Filipina women to be able to retire in the country but you have to qualify to their requirements (i.e. amount of monthly pension, 5m pesos investment like house,etc).

I don't believe you need to marry Julie above…
In Manilla, right at the visa office, if you ask outside, you will be introduce to a lawyer runner (office boy) that will offer you a short walk to one of the numerous law offices nearby. They have numerous solutions than marriage.

i said "I THINK"! if am wrong then am sorry!
i den't say that you need to believe me mr. alegreee tigre just saying... :D
correct me if am wrong.... it's ok to me....

Hi, are you talking about moving all your stuff here from US ?

There is a Government Retirement Authority. PRA. (See link above)
There Head office is in  Makati, but they have an Office in Subic.
If you are over 35 you can take advantage of the Plan. You need to post a Bond of Twenty Thousand US Dollars. (Ten Thousand if you recieve a Pension). For this you receive a Residents Visa, Certain Tax advantages, and help with Accomodation, and, or, starting a Buisness.
You need to supply certain Documents, e.g Police clearance from your Home Country.
The scheme has been in exsistance many Years. Since the Marcos Regime I believe, and seems to work well.

But it may be more fun Marrying a Filipina.

Background myself: retired US Marine. 63. Retired here in Philippines June 2015. Wife Filipina. Station here back in the day.

The cost to move here depends on what you want to bring here. We did our home work listen to those who lived here. We put everything we wanted to bring here in LBC boxes. Sold or gave away everything else. If you plan to bring all your household it will cost more. I can share with you later things I know to bring if you want me to.

We found it best to buy a vehicle here. We brought most of our electronics that we could use with 220 vice110.

Clark has changed my friend. I was station here in 80's. Clark has lot bars and a lot foreigners. Sex is big draw there.

It helps to know someone here. Being station here and living here is not the same.

So,much more. Read on this forum and learn from positive and negative about people who live here.

It might be wise to,put your stuff in storage in the USA. Come here for a year or two. If you don't like it, you still have your stuff. If you like it after that time, go back home and sell it all and come back. Hope this helps.

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