New to Rotterdam

Hey guys, I am new in Rotterdam and I live in Slinge at 30 minutes walking in Zuidplein. I wanna make some new friends around here witch to talk something or to hang out in the weekend, outside in the citty or in clubs. I am 23 years old and I hope that I'll find here some nice people with to talk about it more real. Just leave a message here and who wants from you can let me the phone number and I'll call or send a message something. Don't be shie, let's just be friends.

Hey Julian! I am new in Rotterdam as well. Just moved to a house yesterday. I live south of the river and on the east. Feijenord I think its called this area. I am an intern and the place I work is 10 minutes from Zuidplein. I am looking to make new friends as well. Are you up for hanging out?

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