We want to try living without cars in CoCo beach. 

There are bikes with wide tires for sand & dirt here in US made by Mongoose we can buy for under $200. each.  (We have two teen boys that are very rough on bike tires/tubes.)

Do airlines allow passengers to check-on bikes? If so, do they have to be disassembled?

If not can we purchase these types of bikes with heavy-duty tires in Guanacaste area of CR?

Laslty, have any of you had bikes stolen in beach towns?  If we use good locks will this suffice or do you recommend bringing them into your condos at night?

You will need to check with your airline of choice regarding the transportation of bikes, although I suggest you bring them with you. Millions of bikes here and when  outside of work, stores, school, etc they are all 'locked up'. It would be advisable to also bring extra tires/tubes.

Petty theft is a continuing problem here, so take care not to leave your 'flip flops' outside your door... or on the beach.

Hi Kohlerias,

Thank you for your contribution.

ps: just to inform you that i contacted you privately and send you an email.

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