Physiotherapy in malta

Hi! My name is nadia and i currently live and work as a physiotherapist in south africa. I want to relocate to malta and continue to practice my profession. I would value feedback and advice on the follow subjects:  Is there a demand for pt's? How do i find an employer (i have been trolling the net with little success), suggestio s for a low key natural area to live? any other advice for a new single female expat? Thanks in advance  :)

Hi Nadia and welcome to

If you haven't read the Living in Malta guide yet ,  i invite you to do it. :) You will find some interesting information.

Please feel free to browse through the topics already discussed here as well.




Im hoping to move to malta soon, so i was wondering if you managed to find work over there and if so where and how? Any help would be great!! :D

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