seeking advice:location close to school/work in manila to live

hi there, we are a young family moving over to Manila for work soon from Australia Sydney. Hoping to seek advice on where best to stay close to school and work. Work location would be either in Taguig or Makati. We haven't decided on schools yet we have one that needs to attend nursery and one that should be starting kindergarten soon.

Any advice on which location you would choose to live that would limit travelling time from school to work to home? and why?

We havent decided on schools yet but wanted that to be close by. 

in terms of being close to schools/shops and near work, which location/s would be best to live with a 2 bedroom apartment/house that would limit the need to be stuck in traffic for more than 1 hour?

We think Greenhills/Quezon city is nice with a house but over 2-3hours to commute to work so that's a no.
We have considered near Chinatown (we have a relative there) and wanted to be nearby them but traffic into work could be 1-1.5hours.
or maybe in Taguig or Makati. What would decent monthly long term rental be for a 2-3 bedder?

Appreciate all the feedback/advice. p.s being stuck in traffic is quite the norm there isnt it? Just cant get over the traffic conditions!

hi there. i suggest that you fin a place to stay in makati or taguig. a condo would be a safer choice than settling on for rent houses if it is the first time you will be settling here. that being said is due to the fact that condos have security guards. second, most of the condos are located at the heart of the city where everything you need is acceptable including easier transportation. as of the moment, traffic is quite a problem so find one that is near at your work place. 400-500 dollars a month would be decent. contact me if you will need my help

after a few months and youve caught up how things wotk, then rent a house, which is cheaper but more spacious...8k would be decent enough

As an employee, I understand your dilemma. I used to commute back and forth from my parents house to my work here in Makati that is 3-4 hrs travel time. That is why I really looked for a place near my workplace. Now I live walking distance from work and it has been amazing. Then my office mate and I, since we are friends, decided to live together with 2 more of my friends, and we found this studio unit in Cityland Condo in OLX worth Php 8,000 only. We got it but our contract has ended and we moved to a bigger unit (1BR) through the help of the same broker.

I think it will be more favorable to you and your family to live in Chinatown. Aside from your relative(s) near you, the accommodation fee is  cheaper compared to Makati and Taguig.***  :)

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