No leave (Holidays) for employee.

Good Day All,

I am Mohamed working in a Rig in Bahrain, our rig came to Asry for some Maintance job,

I noticed that contract employee working in (asry) our rig don't have holidays in a week or in a month, and asked to one of the employee and he advised that they don't have holidays even a day for a month,

They are Woking 12 hrs a day and they don't have holidays and Asry is not taking care of they if they toke leave for body pain they cut their salary 3 BD and their salary only 90 BD per month,

Please help me I need to help the guys.


The working hour rules should be in your contract, i am aware that people working in rig's are on a straight 12hours shift (which is common across the world) and without holidays during the time they are on the rig, the duration on the rig can differ i have heard some rigs have rules where people work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (holiday) and some rigs have longer duration. But if you feel that the rules are not the same as mentioned on your contract you can approach LMRA and speak to them


Thank you for your kind replay,

I am working in rig I know rig working rules and we have schedule for 28/28 on & off,

Problem here is contract workers in our rig from Asry shipyard don't have leave for one day in a week or month,

If they works 8 hrs not a problem but they work for 12 hrs,

One more thing direct Asry employee have one holiday in a week, Asry contract employee don't have holiday and Asry don't care about them.

You can fight for it if the contracts which they have singed on specifies that they have to work only for 8hrs in a day or else i am afraid it is always the will and wish of the employer, which is very unfortunate  :(

Thank you...

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