Using Dash Cams in the Philippines in the Philippines is always an adventure and a test of patience. The drive usually involves playing dodgem with buses, cars, motorcycles, trikes and pedestrians. A dash cam can make a difference if you just happen to get in an accident.
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True, but you can also use one of the many low cost action cams.
Just check it will loop record so the card never fills up.
I use two, one pointed directly ahead, the other aimed front left as most of the bad drivers tend to fly out of junctions on the left without looking. One was bought deliberately as a dash cam, the other bought for other reasons, but is now used as a dash cam rather than just sitting unused in a drawer.


Anything with movie capability and a large enough SD card preferably loop capable is better than nothing.

We have used a cell phone and our small canon camera. They both worked fine in short trips through heavy traffic.

I am hoping others that use dash cams here in the Philippines or SE Asia can chime in with the brand they are using and approximate cost.

Just wondering if it is legal to use camera's this way in the Philippines?  When we set up a camera at our house, my GF told me that we may need a licence from the government.  I put it up any way, as it only points into our front yard and not onto the street.

Although this topic highlights one of my Xmas gifts to myself, it is indeed timely.  My plans are to use a decent 1080P 170 Degree Wide Angle Night Vision Dash Cam for the front and since I have a wagon (estate) I intend to use less expensive cam for the rear that handles head lights well.

My main selection points include:
1. Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor).
2. Wedge shape to mount behind the mirror without blocking my view.
3. An adhesive mounting pad for a more secure mounting.
4. A unit that vents well in the hot Philippine weather.
5. Min 16GB card capacity.
6. A wide range lens that covers a wide front view.
7. Rotatable lens for best adjustment.
8. Real HD quality video(1920x1080) for best day-light and night conditions.

I am not aware of any local laws that prohibit dash cam usage.

You see so many with a dashcam, especially motorbikes. I wouldn't worry about the legality

Having a dash cam in your car or in your helmet, if you ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, you could protect yourself from a misunderstood situation.

FYI for all:  Not only can we currently use a dash cam in the PI but there may be mandated installation in PUV's in the future.  Just imagine the reduction in:
1. Nigh driving without headlights on.
2. No brake/tail lights.
3. Improper stops in the middle of streets.
4. Extreme "swerving" to make an 8 peso fare.

If its good enough for a Jeepney, it is fine for our cars: … uvs-pushed

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