Dear Sir/Madam.

i would like to know which of Zain and STC internet connection is best in USHAIRAT SUDAIR, RIYADH PROVINCE. and what package is much better/ wise for my personal use only (i am using 4g LTE pocket wifi) . as we all know tha zain and stc removed the unlimited simcard. so i have a hard time to decide which of package am i going to avail.

I would go for Zain's a 200GB/3Months/299 SAR.

Anyways It depends on the usage.If you are more into online gaming,video streaming ,downloading you may need more data but for an average user 200 GB is fair enough.

I am also eager to know about others opinion.

You can try to check with Zain if unlimited data for postpaid is still available. Else 200GB should be enough if you are not doing heavy movie download or streaming.

If you need a better speed than get the latest CAT6 pocket mifi or router at SR399 from Zain. Apparently it is using a more advanced technology and it will double the speed as compared to the older mifi.

.Is that modem can be used with any internet provider? I want something that I still can be used in my homecountry also

The high speed CAT6 4G modem can be used only in Zain network. To use it in your homecountry, you can get a normal good 4G modem but with lower speed from Jarir at SAR500 and above.

I have heard from other people that some STORES/ZAIN still sell Unlimited internet sim card(old stock?). is it true? if it is, can someone tell me a specific place or store of procurement. ty

Try the shop at King Fahad Road, opposite Holiday Inn Olaya.

Old one? I dont think so. The only unlimited STC have 200 SAR a month. That 3 months unlimited no more.

I already purchased 200 gb Internet Sim card ZAIN and it cost me 220 Riyal hopefully it will last until 3 months. XD
I also checked if UNLIMITED is still available, some of Bakala in BATHA still offers Unlimited internet for STC but good for 12 months and it cost 1250 riyal (W/ ROUTER).

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