Looking to make new friends and contacts in Ethiopia

Hi everyone I'm back in Ethiopia in November. I will be there for 3 months. My girlfriend of three years is from Ethiopia and we plan to marry next year. I would like to move there. I still have a house in the UK so the plan would be to return every 3-5 years and spend a year there....who knows. I want to meet really interesting and creative people I also need to learn the language it's been stop start. Everytime I return feels like I'm starting again.

God bless

My husband and i just came back from Addis on Saturday. We were busy working .
The weather is hot everyday.

Hope you will meet all creative people and enjoy.
Good luck

Thanks where do you live outside of Ethiopia?

we live in England.
we went there to restart our hospital[at]home service now called LeBeteseb- the meaning is- for family.
it provides modern nursing service at home.

I hope you enjoy your stay. if you come across any problem, we will try to help you if we can
stay blessed

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