Need visa for my Algerian boyfriend.

Can someone help me My boyfriend is coming to visit next year spring. He wants to look around and see about moving here. The problem I'm running into is trying to get him a visa to live here.  He from Algeria,  and I can't sponsor him now my income is not high enough. I'm hoping to get a new job where I can sponsor him. Anyone know how to get a visa. ........we may get married hoping that would help with visa.

Well, you got plenty advice about this situation on another thread. Seems you were certain he was not going to want to go to the States. Getting married so that he can get a visa to take a look? Sounds crazy. He doesn't need a sponsor to come as a tourist to take a look. Take it a step at a time if you continue down this road. One doesn't have to immigrate as the next step. Let him visit and ask around about the possibilities of further work opportunities. Then you'll both be able to better judge the situation. A relationship with someone dependent on your financial situation is questionable anyway. So what kind of "help" are you asking for? It is inappropriate to solicit sponsors here. If you are looking for advice – then listen to it when you get it! Plenty of people warned you that the situation with him being much younger and his circumstances sound like a scam.

Even with getting married and requesting an IR1 or CR1 visa, you must show adequate proof of support. So no, marriage will not help with getting a visa in this context.

Romaniac Experts Team

You need to be very careful and do not take haste decisions!!!

The U.S. Immigration doesn't have a "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" category on their list. They do have a "Fiancee" category which is so stringent you have to pass through the "eye of a needle", so to speak.

There is no impediment to your Algerian boyfriend coming to the U.S. if he qualifies to have a visa. He needs to apply and have a valid reason. One valid reason is "I like to visit and look around how beautiful your country is."

The U.S. checks on the intent and the background of such persons. Once he applies, they check on his/her background for criminal records and any records pertaining to law-breaking in his/her country. (not the records of parking tickets!).

Also they check on the economic capability of such person to afford travel.  Do he/she have a gainful employment. How long he/she at work or have a business.

The U.S. is now very strict on people coming into this country and become "burdens of the state" or become mendicants.  They also want to know where he/she is going to stay and if he is staying with a relative they also want to know that such relative can afford to carry him/her own and not become, as I said "a social burden."

With the 9-11 event: everything has changed. Good luck to your efforts and good luck to your boyfriend and you.

Algeria ?        stay out of trouble. You will regret later.

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