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Hello, I am an Australian looking to live in Cabo San Lucas or nearby. Or maybe somewhere else that offers more calm but a dash of excitement with an opportunity to sell my designs which are all about promoting awareness of endangered species. I have always loved Mexican art, the colorful papermache ornaments I first discovered in Faneuil Hall, Boston when I was a teenager, the art of Frida Kahlo later on, all amazingly vibrant and fun.
My aunt and I cruised into Cabo 3 years ago; I fell in love straight away with the sea lions & pelicans, a mini Galapagos..lovely weather, warm people, even the Corona was excellent! then back to the liner :-(
Next month my beautiful aunt is cruising again especially to stop at Cabo. If she gives the thumbs up we plan to stay for one month next February and check it all out. Meanwhile I am sorting my possessions and preparing my acreage property for sale.
My designs are transferred onto materials, resort wear which would appeal to the tourists so I want to find the right place to set up a boutique (where the cruise tourists pass) and a nearby safe place to live.
I also do wildlife photography and interior design.
Would love to make contact with people, build up relationships before arriving in Cabo next year.
How exciting!! I am so enjoying reading whatever I find on Mexico and yes will have to learn some Spanish!
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I love your passion and creativity. And it sounds like you have something unique to sell and a plan to sell it. That said...I would never sell my property in my homeland until I'd been gone at least a year (at the bare minimum) and was positive I'd made the right move. I'm not yet in Mexico...I'm in the research/planning stages. But as exciting and appealing as parts of Mexico sound, there's no way I'm selling my condo in San Diego. I'll rent it for monthly income. That way, I know I can always "go home" again should I need or want to. Anyway that's my two cents FWIW :)

Yes I agree, and San Diego is lovely.
I become very excited with what is in my imagination, all positive of course! I won't be selling straight away but one month will give some idea of the people and lifestyle, maybe make business connections, go with the flow.
Home is safe & comfortable, but routine would not change. Life in Australia is ideal for family, do ordinary things like hiking, bush walking, picnics, theme parks. I am single, have lived my life outside a lot, volunteering at numerous wildlife sanctuaries all over the world, I am feeling wasted here, gardening & trying to make a living. It is challenging when you design and create garments, people love them but don't have the funds to buy or the places to show them off, why most talented people leave Australia.
Thank you for your advice, I will take my time before rushing across to the other side of the world. I have searched high and low around Oz but nothing has grabbed my interest, a pity, but that's life! so beyond ye travel :-)

I loved your project so much. It's very interesting indeed and I think Cabo could be the right place for you.
The Gulf of California is one of the world’s most biologically productive and diverse seas. Described by Jacques Cousteau as the "World’s Aquarium", the Gulf of California is home to many unique species, including the endangered vaquita (the world’s smallest porpoise) and the totoaba fish.
You should also consider the Mexican Caribbean which is home to some of the Caribbean's greatest and most popular resort areas, including famous cruise stops and Spring Break destinations like Cancun and Cozumel, the posh Riviera Maya, and the Mayan ruins and historic cities of Quintana Roo state. Excellent wildlife.
So Besides Cabo I also strongly reccomend Playa del Carmen or Cozumel (an Island) in the Riviera Maya for your boutique.

All the best,

Thank you David,

Your post was an enormous help! just checked out the Totoaba fish, WOW quite a monster and the beautiful eyes of the Vaquita...they are not in my designs but they will be!

To be able to learn more and chat to people who can inspire you too, is what I seek. Years ago I worked along two famous artists from Australia, at different times, a fantastic learning experience. Unfortunately both have passed and left me idol. Your post gives me great expectations :-)

If you would like to see what I do my website is but I do much more than what is shown there.

Thank you again very much indeed.

Wildest Wishes


But can you please send me the link by private message as it has been hidden automatically by the site. Policy stuff.

Hi David,

Try  rolondon (dot) com or wildlifecrusader (dot) com with the w w w before :-)

OMG girlfriend, your work is gorgeous!! You've definitely got something unique and beautiful to sell to tourists -- and expats. Go for it! And keep us posted on your adventures. :). Best-- Barb

Thank you Barb,
Your words are encouraging.
Where in Mexico are you heading? why do you wish to leave San Diego?
I can't wait for my aunt Wendells to return, end of November and learn how she felt about the city, we didn't venture there but have heard great things.
She is traveling with her X-hubby, best mates, and Robert will be modelling my Dolphin & Green Turtle shirts on the cruise. Wendy has umpteen of my caftans so she will be decked out too...pardon the pun :cool:

I'm not 100% sure I'm leaving. Have a lot of research to do in Mexico first before pulling up stakes. I'll do that in 2017 by visiting some places I'm interested in. If I do move, it's purely financial. I absolutely love where I live and have tons of friends...but I'm too young for Social Security and it's getting tougher to earn enough income being self employed. And San Diego is very expensive. And I just don't wanna work that hard anymore! :) So renting my SD condo & spending a few years in Mexico until I reach retirement age is looking very appealing. :). Plus if I really like it, I can stay there. Either way, I'll have options & that's always a good thing :)

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