Where to Buy Computer Peripherals

Hi.  My husband will be in HK for a few days and we are in need of a laptop AC adapter and a usb charger. 

We also need some electric plug converters.  Probably, they can be all found together.

We live in Malta so the UK plug types are all fine. 

Is there a central region for these things?

Thank you!

I am not sure I understand your question.
Why do you need adapters and converters? We use UK plugs here too.

Malta and HK seem to both use the same plugs type, the same voltage and same frequency, hardly a surprise when you consider their shared history.

That means all your appliances should work without buying anything at all. If you feel the need to buy a charger for an expensive laptop of smartphone, don't buy cheap and nasties as they have a bad habit of destroying whatever you plug them in to.

I've seen people crying because a few hundred quid's worth of smartphone got fried when they plugged it into a tuppenny charger.
It also costs you for the kleenex you use to wipe away the tears.

I need these because we lost ours and I need to replace them.  Can someone say if there's an area where computer peripherals are sold or a specific store exists?


You will find what you're looking for at the computer mall called "Golden Computer Plaza", it's very close to Sham Shui Po MTR station.

Thank you, mars.

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