Are there opportunities for someone with this background?


I am an American woman with a Nepali boyfriend. We currently live in China, where he is finishing medical school. He should be done sometime in July, and we have been trying to figure out what's gonna happen after that.

I've been in China for about a year and a half. In all honesty, I am someone that likes to travel and move every once in a while and I am a bit over the city where we live. But I have decided to stay until he's done. He needs to go back to Nepal for a while to study for and to pass his licensure exam, and I am considering trying to move there too. However, I am unsure of whether I would be able to find work that I enjoy there. Regardless, I wouldn't see myself staying forever (but who knows, life is unpredictable). He wants to study in a more developed English-speaking country to finish his education after he gets his credentials, and I am down for that as well. We're thinking Singapore, Germany, Australia, Canada... etc. But that's pretty far away.

I have 4 years of language teaching experience (China and Japan- no TEFL or CELTA), and have recently become an Academic Advisor/Consultant for Chinese that want to study in western countries. I really like what I do, but I accept that it might not be possible to do that in Nepal.

I wouldn't be enthused about becoming a classroom teacher again- but I could do it again if it meant I wouldn't have to be long distance with my boyfriend. I would be alright teaching for IELTS or something of that nature.

When we finally find somewhere we want to settle, I would like to work for a university in Admissions or as an Advisor. That's my end-game. I know I won't be able to do that in Nepal (if I am wrong- please correct me). But it would be nice to be in the same ball-park. I like helping people, and public speaking.

Are there opportunities for Americans in the education business who don't want to be traditional classroom teachers?

Also, what is the work culture like?

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