Clarification of Issued Visa with no Expiry or Validity !!

Hello there,

I've received Brazilian Business visa from the embassy in Saudi, it states the following:

Number of Entries: Multiple
Type of Visa: VITEM II
Duration of Stay: 90-days

and at the bottom there is only the following statement:

First Entry within 1-Year from the date of issue

I'me confused as I searched on the net and found all Visas discussions mentioning validity either with specific dates or 5/10 years.

Note: my passport is expiring in 2-years

If someone could help eliminating my confusion and clarify the validity of my Visa, this will help :)

Read on:

Your business VISA is more than likely permanent, but however each stay must not exceed 90 days. If you  need to stay longer you should visit the offices of a Federal Police to get an extenbsion a few weeks before the end of the 90 days period.

You must enter Brazil the first time around within a year of the date the VISA was issued to you.

Also since your passport expires in 2 years, when you get your new passport be sure to carry your old one because it has your visa in it.

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