atm's it possible to use a USA debit card at the atm's in Tijuana?  t/y

Almost certainly if it's a Visa or Mastercard debit card.  Nothing is 100% certain in Mexico except uncertainty and bureaucracy.

Shouldn't be a problem at all, I use a  U.S. debit card all over Mexico. For a cash withdrawal I assume ? There will of course be a fee, about 3% more or less depending on the bank.

Based on a recommendation from an expat here,
Banco Santander doesn't have a deal with Bank of America anymore.  If you use your BofA Debit card at a Santander ATM, you'll pay foreign ATM fees to both banks and a few months ago, BofA upped it's foreign transaction fee to 3%.

Based on a recommendation from an expat here, I recently switched to BBVA Compass in Texas.  There's no fee to use you BBVA Compass debit card in BBVA Bancomer ATM's and their foreign transaction fee is only 1%.

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