Would a hostel business work in egypt?


So, im karim, american egyptian 32 years old engineer. I have a private business that has been working really great for years now, it's a hostel at Budapest " aurora ", last year i expanded the business to amsterdam & Prague, both hostels will be launching this summer.

So, i thought why wouldn't i have the same idea to work in egypt, a nice. cozy, cheap hostel. in a neighborhood as maadi, zamalek, or any other. So, do you think it would work?, what will be the problems i might face?, how much should i charge people?, do i only accept foreigners or egyptians too ?.


Yes it could work fine .
There's alot of cheap hostels at downtown and pyramids area .
You can check Hostel World websitr or App and check hostels at cairo to know the rates .
Depends on facilities,  so some start from 10 dollar per night and some reach 100 dollar depends on alot of things .
Zamalek and maadi should be more expensive areas .

It will work well and rate around $15 maximum will attract a lot of people, however, your clients will hardly be Arabs, therefore you will need to market your place to European, Latin and Asian to maximize your occupancy rate and a manager that can capitalize this rate via existing clients is a bigger plus.

Adding European touch will also boost your business.

I have managed several hotels and I understand very well what it takes for a hostel to compete against me.

Last but not least Zamalek is a much better location than Maadi

Take care and good luck.

Mohammed Al-Safari

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