Oasis Gardens compound in Al khobar?

Hi guys I'm looking at moving over to oasis gardens compound, I'm a single British woman moving on my own. Can anyone give me any information on what the compound is like and what amenities there are on the compound? Is there a doctors on the compound or would I need to go off compound for that? Also is the security good there?
Thanks in advance!!

Oasis is nice! Ive been there for parties. There is a gym and stuff. Pretty sure there is not doctor onsite though.

What is the rent like? DO they have 2 bedroom apartments>?

All the compunds have their own buses to take you to hospital or anywhere you want to go. Security is not an issue in Saudi Arabia. It's safe.

how much it costs for 2 bedroom apartment ?

Hi! Can i know your opinion on Oasis garden? As i wanted to rent, my kids probably will be in Bisak. Did called them, but they are too slow to respond. Tq

I would check out zamil village it's about the best with a lot of westerner on there or Rashad 2 both good compounds Saad has run oasis compound into the ground not a nice place to live we lived there for 5 year is was horrible maintines is shocking

Hi, I know its off topic...but just joined the site and am looking for a place where one can interact with other europians and genders. Going crazy here alone and no communicaton in Al Khobar. You mentioned parties in the compound? How can i hear of these in future of a compound near me? Any advice will help! Going crazy, haha...thanks!

We are flying out to the kingdom on the 28 and we have found a villa at zamill. The manager has been nothing but helpful and the house and place looks well maintained. My husband is out there already.
We are also hoping our children attends BISAK.

I would love to connect with other families in the same wavelength.

Hi Mrs Bear. We are looking at Zamil. I sent them an email but yet to hear about availability . We are from Australia.  May I please ask how much per year in pounds and house type. Regards and thank you in advance

Hi kiwielaine. I've messaged you.

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