Background checks for family

Hi i
had to go through medical and police checks before my Saudi work visa was issued.

I want to bring my spouse and kid over to stay with me and I want to know if They will also requir a medical and a police check ?

your spouse will have to do medical, but not police clearance. Your child may have to depending on their age.  My kids didn't, but they were 4 and 1 at the time of our move

Good to know. Thanks for the response. I'm confused as to what we need to do so many conflicting advices. How long have u been in Saudi?

I read online for residency visa a police check is required as well as medical. For family visit then nothing just marriage and birth certificates.

Wish there was clear guidance though!

3+ years, but soon exiting. Either in December or June

Are you looking for visit visa or residency visa....I commented based on residency.

Also before doing anything make sure your job title on your iqama allows for visit visa or residency visas.

I don't know a lot as we had a relocation company who organized everything for us, but definitely read through the blog as there a few who do give good info....The Legend Leads and HR Guru probably have more accurate info though..

Also base everything off the MOI website.

Thanks a bunch! Really helpful info. Will check out

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