Advise from Vietnam

Dear all
what kind of advise do you have for people that want come here in VN?
please let us know your feeling
your habits
everythings could help us


Hi chiavetta,

This is very hard for anyone to help you if we don't know who are you and what do you want/need.

Everything => is there anyone have time to type everything here?

And what if someone put ton of time and effort to type something,
and that is not what you want/need.

If you want to live in a city here, would some information in a mountain very necessary for you?

If you don't have kids, would some information about schooling helpful for you?

Please be specific about who you are, what're you looking for!

leave your ego at the door

have an open mind

stop comparing your lifestyle, ideals, country, food, people,, etc.. with VIetnam

If you can do those you will enjoy Vietnam. After 3 years here in Vietnam I'm still struggling finding on occasions comparing Canada with Vietnam. It's human nature.

Stop comparing. There is always bad and good in every situation, in everywhere you go. When you see anything nice then enjoy it. When you see ugly thing then try to understand it ( everyone has their own battle), if can not then ignore it, and if neither can then move on. Some of you might have more privilege than the local people, because you have the avantage to choose where you want to go, to stay, to explore and then to leave if it does not please you. Local people does not have that privilege

yeah, that is what I mean
forget who you are and try to get a new one
I did it 2 years ago and what i can tell you guys is
Everywhere you want to go, never comparing with your life
"everything" is different from you
try to learn and enjoy it

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