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Which is the best city in Colombia to move-in,where I can easily find employment...Bogota or Medellin?

What kind of employment are you looking for - what are your job skills?  Do you speak fluent Spanish?  Are you able to get permission to work in Colombia?

You can see some available jobs in various cities, by type of work:

If you have some scarce skill that's in demand you may be able to find something.  But as far as general labor goes and "ordinary" skills, Colombia has literally millions of citizens who can fill those jobs if and when they become available, and who will work for very little money.

If you can cook decent food or make cheese, I think Colombia can find a spot for you.

Because Colombians can't do either of those things.

My experience with food in Colombia has been all good - probably because I am used to family gatherings and real home cooking there, where everything has been delicious - empanadas, lechón/lechona, patacones/tostones, chicharrón, soups, even ordinary rice and beans is a treat for the taste buds.

If you're ever in Cali you should try Restaurante Sabor Llanero near the intersection of Carrera 80 and Pasoancho (Calle 13), across from the La 14 shopping center in the south of the city - excellent meat slow-cooked by coals over an open fire at great low prices:

Cheese, and good sausage, not so much.  Many Colombians just do not like spicy foods and are used to and seem to prefer a bland diet (relatively speaking).  There are more of them becoming adventurous in their eating habits but it seems to be a slow process.

If you want to combine pleasure with work Medellin is the right place...

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