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houthi- shia send rockets towards makkah

3rd rocket sent towards makkah from yemen by the shia -houthis. we Ask  Allaah the most High for his protection.

i live in Taif and constantly hear the jets overhead keeping a watchful eye

Be safe shiney ...

Ameen, stay safe

What did I read today...the missile was headed towards Jeddah airport...

That is scary. Stay safe friends :)

M88  :kiss: long time no hello boo

your message is making me feel safe now... :cool:

hamudi :

your message is making me feel safe now... :cool:

If I look at 3 possibilities of why exactly you would be are feeling safer now, the probable outcomes are  :huh: , :huh:  and :huh:

On the serious note, I wish safety for all.

hamudi :

M88  :kiss: long time no hello boo

your message is making me feel safe now......

Hello hello Hamu Mamu ..... good that my message is making you feel safe :) now stay safe forever :)

I was shocked when i heard the news, as what those bastards are thinking? how could they do such a thing, but you know what?, by this idiotic move, they have proved that they are non-muslims which is enough to clear Moslims reputation and image all over the world.

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