Yo! Is my BRAZILIAN PASSPORT still valid?

Hey Team,

I am australian and received a visa from the Brazilian consulate in Sydney and was wondering how many years it was ok to use.

The details are:

Entries: Multiple
Duration of stay: 90 days
Issue date: Dec 2014

At the bottom it says visa valid for 90 days from first entry in Brazil. Maximum 180 days per year. My understanding is that these 180 days are simply the total days you can remain in the country per year. There is no expiration date listed on the visa, only a date of issue.

I'm a music artist, and I toured Brazil twice last year, for 3 months and 2 months on two different occasions. My second trip (for 2 months) was difficult. I was stopped in Morocco when trying to check in to fly to Sao Paulo, and when I arrived in Sao Paulo I was held up in customs and held for a short time under investigation. 
So yeah, I'm flying to Brazil again November 20 for a third tour and can't afford to be denied at the airport. I'll be touring for 1 month total.

Should I get another visa?

I wish the wording on the visa was more clear!

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