Costa Rican experience

Hello!  I have been full time in Costa Rica now for almost 3 years.  I have my Cedula, my Caja and soon my driver license -(had to return to Michigan to get a renewed license). 

I recently returned to Michigan to cash/deposit tax return checks, visit family & friends and renew my license.

All everyone was talking about was the upcoming political election/transition.  (One of the reasons I chose to come here).  What a joke for such a wealthy nation.  It is now very similar to Costa Rica- the "corruption" is out in the open!  And it still keeps rolling!

I pray and worry for my family and friends back in the USA.  It was also starting to get cold back in Michigan.  The food "bloats" you up from their.  I think it is all of the preservatives and crap they add to it! 

It was great to come back "home" to Costa Rica.  I know that things are not perfect here.  The traffic along the Southwest Pacific coast is getting busier.  But all in all this place just suites me and my family better.

I am getting divorced from my Tica wife and it has been a process at her choice.  This was a casualty to my moving her here with the kids so that our house could be purchased/remodeled and ready for when I "quit" my business there and came here over a two year period.

Getting my house robbed twice in 3 months in Troy, Michigan helped me speed up the process. 

Yes Costa Rica has it's problems and there are probably some chemicals that do not get washed off on the vegtables and fruits, but the lettuce will only last 3 days and that tells me something!

Yes it is a long wait "when" you must go to the bank, but you plan ahead and do not go toward the end of the month or near the 15th.

Yes there are many problems here and it is developing and the government has it's monopolies and other [problems.  But most people here are hapy.  Life is simpler!  There are now alternatives to INS and other things here.  You can get solar and kind of divorce ICE.  You miss the Pilsen even though the government owns it.  Gas was $1.99/gallon in Michigan and is expensive here, but I will soon own a diesel and I drive less!  I live close enough to Panama to pick up things cheaper when really needed.  We shopped in the USA and bought clothes and other things cheaper but I did not really need much.  More for my children.

I enjoy working and living here at Matapalo beach area.  I will sell everything (in real estate) that I can as it is my profession at Century 21-Quepos, then move south more away from the development as the kids get finished with school.

I am practically giving my wife my half of the house, but my 14 year old daughter has chosen to live with me and I pay for their private school in Uvita so the "pension" is going to negligable after the current agreement.

All in all, I love it here and do not ever wish to return to the states for more than a week!  (In the summer though!)
I reiterated to family & friends that tickets go both ways!

Costa Rica has it's problems and I will live through my divorce.  I will look for a new friend once completed with that process, but will unlikely ever get re-married!

Take Care!

Well Done ! You have a great attitude after what you seem to have been through..I know HUNDREDS who married local girls only to regret it..BUT I hope your kkids at least have a good Father or so it seems. Keep  up your positive attitude and true marrieage anywhere os difficult but here is SURE to be a disaster,,unless you have loots of money to keep them happy shopping
Good Luck to you

Good attitude that what we all need. Developed countries are alright but I like it here, very much. A question, your 14 year old is going to pay for her tuition? How, if you do not mind saying it. I have a 14 year old girl; and if there´s a way for her to get an income I´ll love to know about it.

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