Few details about languages in Luxembourg

Saying that French is mandatory to live in Luxembourg is right but also wrong.

If it's the language of daily life in the centre, south and west of the country, with all adverts, shops written in French, you must to know that some people, above all very old (who were at school during the German Occupation when French was forbidden to study) and some who live in North landscapes and East, even in main towns, where the second language is German. Also, for technical jobs, and others, the German language is mandatory.

This antagonism is highlighted in education. Indeed, to continue in general, you must master German language, even if the studies language is French. If you don't speak German very well, you go in technical section.

You can have free Luxembourgish courses in your town.

Here is this, I wanted to talk you about this, because you are already lost with language questions... I think this post will go you away in depressiveness :)

Hello Steffifi,
I just moved to Luxembourg for professionnal reasons. I live in the southeast, near the German and the French border (Schengen). Working in a technical field, I would like to learn German.
So my question is where can we learn this language? And not too expensive, such as conversation table or a language ecxhange?
For information, I'm frenchspeaker with knowledge of Dutch.

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for your post. It is very interesting and helpful.

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