Horse back riding

I am an avid horseback rider and I am looking for affordable places I can go. Other than the tourist $65 places... Any ideas?

What?! $65 for horseback riding in ecuador? I was expecting much less..

pin2xbo :

What?! $65 for horseback riding in ecuador? I was expecting much less..

I think you'll experience more "What?!" moments when it comes to prices in Ecuador. If it's any consolation I'm experiencing that this week. I'm shopping for a SmartTv, and the cost is 3 times what it is on Amazon. Yes three times as much, so I'm waiting for Ecuadorean Black Friday in which the price will only be double what it costs on Amazon.


Prices of electronics are understandable if they are pricier than in the US. But this is horseback riding.. it costs ~$20 in other under-developed countries.

Several months ago, I asked the same question as the OP, where can I go horseback riding (Quito). After doing research I realized that most of the places had tours tailored for tourists and at tourist’s prices. The cheapest I found was about $20 per hour, which I would be fine with, but transportation there would have been another issue.

Unfortunately, it’s not only products that can be very expensive here, services like quality schools, car rentals, some flights to neighboring countries are also expensive.

Thanks for the insight vsimple! I'm guessing activities/products that the local consume least are more expensive.

Perhaps, but it's something we learn to deal with but either avoiding such costly services or limiting them.

Try Monte Runa, but book through their website and call. They pick you up ride all day and the horses are happy and healthy. If I find cheaper riding I'll let you know :)

We found Ilalo Adventures in Cunuyacu, behind the British school, 15min. from Quito. There you need just to pay the entrance $5 adults, $3 kids and you can ride horses, hike from 10a.m to 4:00pm. You'd need to have your own food. They have their own horse, but it is quite small. Slightly higher than pony, the "local" Andean race horse.

If you want to gallop along the beach on beautiful horses then you should definitely try Cabalgatas Canoa (  Horseback riding tours work out at around $20 per hour but the horses are well cared for and the equipment is top notch. If horseback riding is any cheaper, it pretty much means the horse is not well fed and cared for, look at their hooves, the coat, the tack and see where your money is going!

Hi Mary

Thank you for that awesome review!

Zia and Gray are dear friends of mine and work hard to care for their animals. They also run the animal rescue Pueblo por Patas which did amazing work after last year's earthquake, even after devastating their home and kennels stable and farm.

I will joyfully share that message with them and again, thank you!!


Is there a place to go horseback riding in or near Vilcabamba?  How much is it to buy a horse in Ecuador?  I like to ride each morning, if I can.

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