Liberia From A Black American Perspective

I've written a book about Liberia exclusively from a citizen journalist slant.  In my book I explore African-American state building in West Africa specifically Liberia.  Also, I explore Liberia's tradition of pseudo-democracy in relation to surrounding countries.  I'd like to discuss the ideas in my book under this topic.  To read a preview see Liberia 1827-1995.

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The preview is very interesting, though it is very political & controversial in nature :/.  Nice work ;)


The firestorm of freedom revolts in Africa will spread over the entire continent. Yes, the firestorm
of freedom will reach Liberia. The people of Africa and the Middle East want the fruits of their labor
and resources. It will be very interesting to see how events unfold in Liberia. This firestorm is moving very fast. Faster than anyone could imagine. When a "ENGISH" speaking country in Africa
is touched by this new  firestorm of people demanding their human rights it will affect African
Americans in ways they never could imagine, ever in the history of Africa being in the United
States. It is not written in the history of the United States of the forth coming events spreading from
Egypt. Watch and listen very closely to independent NEWS " (LINK TV/FSTV)". .......CNN or FOX NEWS
are not going to inform anyone of the coming of the firestorm.

                                                                                                         Morris P. Roberts

African-American state building was non existent.  The Americo-Liberians simply transported slavery to Liberia.  The class system has bitterly divided the country.  To read an extremely enlightening book , I would suggest Gus Liebenow's The Evolution of Privilege.  This really shows Liberia's legacy and class system as it is and the book was written more than 20 years ago!

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