Advise on Contacting Polish Agencies

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For the past week I have been looking for different websites offering accommodation, and I only realised that the Polish ones have many more offer than the ones aimed to expats (which basically have the same offers over and over, and are usually aimed towards people with a higher income).

Now, I have replied a couple of offers in English, with no response so far.
Is it common for agencies to know English? Should I get someone to translate the email for me?
Are Polish agencies reluctant of renting to expats?

Any advise on the above would be much appreciated!
Like I said in my introduction, I will be traveling there the 17th and starting my internship the 23rd, so I am trying to get as much as possible done online, to then sort out in person whatever needs to be sorted out, as soon as possible :)

Thank you very much in advance!

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I would suggest to be in Warsaw in order to see the potential accommodation: agencies have quite good professional photographers able to turn a mouse trap into a royal palace ;)

I don't know why but I would have been surprised if you get any answer. From my experience: if you find somebody able (and willing) to speak English, hug him/her.


P.S. - Don't trust Google translate. My polish isn't solid but when I use it, I have to amend its translations :(

Thank you very much for your reply Oniros!
For the other tips as well!

I will certainly wait until I am physically in Warsaw before singing anything or sending any money. I just want to have things sorted out as much as I can (planned visits for the first days, etc...).

Actually one of the email in English that I sent to a Polish ad got a reply (from the owner, I think) in English! It was already rented, but it was nice very kind of her to reply anyway :D

I also got in touch with someone from rentflatpoland who kindly offered to help me find something, but probably later during the month, since he would prefer to make sure the flat is still available when I arrive.

This is something I did not have in mind, of course... It is nice to have things in advance, but many people will not wait 3 weeks until you come here if they have another offer!

Thanks once again for the tips...keep them coming! (Not just for me...other visitors will probably come across this forum before coming to Poland, like I did!).

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