Childcare in Malta

Hello everyone

I've recently started looking for work in Malta however am struggling to understand childcare for under 2's
The working day looks as if it's 9-6pm and schools much earlier.

How do single parents sort out childcare for them?
Nurseries seem to close between 5.30-6pm.
Same with after school care.
How do you manage? Is it manageable with a salary around 20-24k?

Should I wait to move until my youngest is older?
It feels to me best to move while they are still young. We just need a good change in our lives.

Any suggestions are very welcome

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Nursery opens at 7, some at 6:30, not 9, if you use government one it closes at 16 (but it will be free for you)
some schools have club 3-16 (mine for exp. doesn't :( ), but yes you can use it only till 17:30 (not 100% sure about that,maybe 18)

my wife and me try to balance our work shifts that someone is always free (as we both work way past 14 when school finishes), as our younger son in only 3.5
some days we pay nanny

is it possible on 20k salary? I personally don't think so

Thank you for your reply.
I'm a single parent so I'd def need someone from when they close. I will look into it.
How much do the average person spend on food? And how much are the school lunches?
I understand €100 a month for all utility bills. Then rent. And mobile and wifi another €50?

Any other obvious expenses?

Bus card for an adult is 26 euros per month. Water, electricity,  Internet and mobile will cost around 140 per month. For rent you'll need a minimum of 500. A 20k salary will give you a disposable monthly income of around 1350. I imagine you will be entitled to children's allowance too but don't know how much it's worth.

It looks as I can get childcare for the hours I work. Not sure with after school club

Does anyone know if it's common to have an au pair at hand. And what is the current rate?
In London it's £75 per week

I'm now looking in the swieqi area to live and for school / nurseries.
Does anyone have any feedback on dun guzepp scerti  primary school?

What is the average cost of a babysitter nanny p/h? or aupair for the evenings as I might be working shifts?

from my experience , it is from 5 -10 e p/h, saturday/sunday/public holiday - add an extra euro

Thanks Duxx

The nursery we use opens from 6.30am to 7.00pm and it is called Little Einsteins. The government should refund some or all of the cost if you are working.

Thanks a lot for the responses.

Good morning,

May I ask you how you are satisfied with the services of The Little Einsteins?  We are now looking for a center for our son (he should start when he is 1) but it is very difficult to find any reviews/recommendations. We live in Msida so the newly opened centre in Pieta would not be bad for us.
Thank you very much.

Hello, sorry for the late reply! We have been using Little Einsteins in Pieta for a month and both my husband and I are very happy with them. Our son is very well looked after, he comes home tired (yey!) and clean (usually cleaner than we sent him!!). The girls are very caring and they also do nice activities. If you want you can give permission for them to take photos of your child so you get to see what they are up to during the day also. The only down side is their minimum hours policy, but for us we didn't mind.

Oh also they have a facebook page and you can read reviews on there. It's called Little Einsteins Montessori System

Hello, thank you very much for your answer, I really appreciate that. We are deciding between the Little Einstein and one other childcare, so it is very helpful since otherwise it is very difficult to obtain any reference for a childcare, being an expat, so I am very grateful for any advise. Thank you once again.

Hi, have you moved there? We are in the simular situation to you 😀

Hi there! Did you move to Malta in the end?

I’m a single mum considering going and would be interested to find out your perspective.

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