Lets Help Our Fellow Humans...

Im Nandu.
I am in this wonderful Land of developments, good rules, peace, smiles for the past 12 years.
In 2007 I formed a charity group, to help the labourers, House maids, Nannys', Gardners etc who hardly get any attention in their profession and life
Its them Nannys  who grow the new generation kids of the Rich, in proper way. Many places the Child is more attached to Nanny than the fashionable, party goer, shopping addicted moms.
So , I started with an Irish woman who was so kind to come with me in her car, we bought  some  shoes , telephone cards, some needy things , and also collected from friends little money, for who never called home for months, we gave our phone to call home, ...
One by one our group grew, My self, the Irish architect, a very nice Local man, an Arab woman with a soft heart and caring mind, a swedish couple, an old American teacher who looked very young at heart, an african sales executive, two ladies from Hungary, it grew up and we did a lot of things in camps, parks, everywhere without any advertisements. So many people started smiling better..
in 2008 the group became weak when many members went back home.
I plan to make this group live again, one or two persons still interested, only what we can do legally we will do. we wont ask any body to donate or any thing. we can just collect some good usable items , some savings and make a group and let them feel they are not alone in this planet.
we named our group before " Simple Minds"
any one interested to sit in a park, to ride with new friends, to give what we can with a pure smile and make some happy simple minds?
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