Your best business development ideas in Ghana

Hi everyone,

As a foreign entrepreneur, launching a business in Ghana is a fantastic project and an exciting challenge. Some ideas are likely to succeed. Some others are promising but may not work as well as intended.

In your opinion, what kind of business or industry is likely to succeed in Ghana? What kind of industry or service currently unavailable or underdeveloped in the country would meet local needs?

On the other hand, what are the most common business types foreign entrepreneurs would be eager to launch in the country but with very little chance of success?

Thank you for your insights.

I would go for an import/export business. Although I have no ideas on what to export from Ghana, I know that the most basic commodities are lacking, so almost anything you import can bring a profit. Think cell phones, toiletries, health and beauty aids, snacks. You could start with buying a container load of inexpensive but good quality cell phones, like Moto (made by Lenovo in China, thus inexpensive).
The kicker is the customs duties and taxes due. Ghana seems to be very protective of its local merchants so import duties and taxes are exorbitant.

Not sure where you get the idea that things are lacking in Ghana. I lived here in 1990 and then I would have agreed with you but now you can get virtually anything if you are willing to search for them then pay 3 to 4 times what you would in their country of origin.

Touche - I guess many have beaten me to the punch on the import business. I'll tell you where I get the idea that things aren't available in Ghana. I search online shopping for things like cell phones, computers, etc and as you say, they are available, but the selection is severely limited and also, as you say, the prices are exorbitant.
I don't intend to start any type of business in Ghana. I'll be coming to claim my prize and return to Georgia, United States, a married man. In and out as quickly as possible.

Good luck. Hope everything goes to plan

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