Your best business development ideas in Costa Rica

Hi everyone,

As a foreign entrepreneur, launching a business in Costa Rica is a fantastic project and an exciting challenge. Some ideas are likely to succeed. Some others are promising but may not work as well as intended.

In your opinion, what kind of business or industry is likely to succeed in Costa Rica? What kind of industry or service currently unavailable or underdeveloped in the country would meet local needs?

On the other hand, what are the most common business types foreign entrepreneurs would be eager to launch in the country but with very little chance of success?

Thank you for your insights.

Hi. Interesting point. The way I see it and in order of importance I would say :

1. 3D printing on one or many fields, medical, dentist, industry and training.  For the past year I have been looking into it and get very excited with the prospect.

2. Recycling; carton, paper, plastic, tires, glass, cooper, computer and cell phones. There's a saying: "one's trash is somebody else's gold". Most big buyers are in Asia.I get many request for tons of recycling materials, mainly carton, paper and plastic.

3. Medical tourism. Costa Rica still is a good destination for people who want to come, get a low cost surgery or treatment. I have friends in the business. The hardest part of the business is to find doctors willing to refer their patients to you. But it is a good  income,

I would say real estate is on the down slide and it is the business most foreigners want to get into when they come.

Other services like house, car or  electronic repairing would be good but the problem is the staff you need to hire. People down here still do not know what a good service mean. So you will find that wall on any business you want to run unless you are the only personnel in it.

A restaurant or a place to relax where families could go is attractive also. In my area there isn't many, not to say none. Again, are you willing to deal with grocery shopping day in and day out and with cooks, waiting staff, etc? I can't. although food services have a good ROI.

That is my view of things.

Regarding a recycling plant: I have it on good authority  :top: that a huge one is going to start soon, in the Guanacaste interior...that will recycle just about anything. Land has been purchased,  permits approved and contracts signed.

I started a pizzeria called Papitos!  I registered the Logo  in the National registire with the intent to make a chain of pizzerias.  Eventhough, I have been in business for 12 years here, I have not the money to make Pizzeria Papitos into a chain.  If some one has ambishion and money contact me.  8375-4287  see pictures in facebook

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