Clean Water Access

What are some of the challenges faced in regards to clean water access in Cambodia?

No issues. Even in the most rural areas drinking water in bottles (5 or 10 liter, apart from the smaller bottles) is available. It is mostly RO, UV treated and safe to drink.

You can have in all locations clean water when you have a well of 50m deep. Can be used to coock, also your coffee machine or the thea coocker

In case of "safe to drink", only bottles
- 25L bottles cost less 1$ (3.000 RIEL)
- small bottles to buy everywhere

Thank you for the quick response! I am a design student doing a voluntary design piece to raise awareness about water related issues in Cambodia (generally rural). I am hopeful to hear first-hand responses just to get a feel for everyday life. RO sounds practical, but I read (per the World Health Organization) it also removes beneficial nutrients from the water. I worry one solution is creating another problem, although a much lesser issue nonetheless.

Thank you. Every response is greatly appreciated.

RO is taking pollutants out of the water and depending on the system (1 pass or 2 pass) the percentage of pollutants can be influenced.

Here a link to understand Reverse Osmosis: … se-osmosis

Thank you Joe and Roland for your insight.

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