Seeking clothing manufacturers in HCMC

Hi folks

I'm from the UK and living in Taiwan. I am visiting HCMC soon as I'm looking to work with a clothing manufacturer that can create men's button-up shirts to export to the UK.

My order quantity will be about 200 pieces per order. I appreciate this is quite small.

I'm not looking to work with a tailor and nor am I interested in buying ready made shirts.

Does anyone have any recommendations? FYI I have already exhausted Taiwan and the Philippines as options.

Thank you !

My location is Taiwan, I have no idea why it's showing as Lorestan!

Hi dingobingo,

You should go to your profile and input the correct information. … ction=path

It will be alright then.

All the best,

Hi dingobingo,
May be I know some manufacturers,
If not suilt for you, i can help you to find out!
Can we talk in private message?
kindly regrads!
Thi DD

Hi dingobingo

I am working in garment manufacturing company for such a long time ..but my location is here in Hai Duong and weekend in Hanoi ..

If you are planning to buy ready made mens shirts ...i have a lot  but how could we meet and discuss this matter ... just let me know


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Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Ho Chi Minh City classifieds if you are either looking for manufacturers or if you want to propose an offer.

The forum should be used for expatriation issues only.

All the best,

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