Personal number in Sweden

Hello, I'm kaylie. I just wanna get some ideas how to appeal the court.  I have a working holiday visa which allows me to work for a year in Sweden. I applied to get personal number, so I can find a job and open a bank account  but they rejected it because of the length of my visa it's 5days short of a year. It says I need at least a year residency to apply for personal number. So I sent the appealing letter saying, I can't do anything here without personal number etc. but they rejected it again. I was planning to extend the visa but I have to wait till next march to extend 5 more days ;(
I'm planning to appeal again any ideas that I can write on the appealing letter ?

Thanks for reading :)


Hi! As I know as Long as you have your permit to stay/work you can get a personal number.

Im not sure but try to open an account thru ICA banken. Prolly that will solve your problems... but not 100% sure.

Try even to ask about a translation in english for this >>> … d3643.html

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