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Hi, I'm new to this forum and have lived in Bulgaria for just over four years, after escaping the U.K. We have been extending & renovating our first purchase since we arrived, by ourselves. We live in a village near Yambol. We are considering buying a property in Veliko Turnavo and can see that properties here come with a premium price, we can appreciate that they will be more expensive because of the status of this part of the country & its popularity with tourists. Does anybody own a property in VT itself on here? And, do you think that the prices with the agents are over inflated? What I mean is, we know the agents in Bulgaria might advertise a village property for say 10,000 euros, but we know that the property is only actually worth 10,000 lev and this is what the owners actually want. We appreciate that we will get somewhere cheaper on the outskirts but want to buy in the centre itself. The properties we have seen are around 20-30,000 euros and require major renovation work. Those in the know up that end of the country, could you please advise on whether you think this is a fair price and if you consider the price would be negotiable. Obviously, we will try & negotiate on the price but by how much, I'm not really sure. Thanks in advance :-)

I know that in Gabrovo (a smaller city about 30 minutes drive from VT) where there are not a lot of foreigners or tourists, you would be very lucky to find something in the city center for 20-30,000 euro. On the outskirts of town, you may be able to find a house for that. Generally, apartments are more expensive than houses. In the city center for a place that needs major updating and renovation, you are looking to pay 25,000-30,000 euro for a 60-80 square meter apartment. Houses in the center tend to be larger, older, and more expensive (if for sale at all).

I would assume that in VT, which is a larger city and more of a destination, the prices would be comparable or higher.

The reason village property in Bulgaria is so cheap is because the villages are emptying and people are moving to the cities... so, city property is still in pretty high demand and not nearly as cheap.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Kojidae, we had some very interesting viewings on city centre properties & learnt a lot from the estate agents there, who we were very impressed with, extremely helpful & friendly.

Hi there
I dont actually live in vt..we have used an estate agent... Ideal homes in VT. The Manager is called Ves. I would highly recommend this man as he is honest, reliable and come recommend by lots of people.
We have had dealings with other agent who will say anything just for your money.  Ideal homes have a very good work ethic. 
You will not be disappointed and will save money and time

my new home is in is in strahilovo near polsikitrambesh this is a very small village and has one or 2 good priced properties for improving also you seem good for diy and could use my home to start with.  Very naked in comforts.

we bought 18 months ago and have been living here north of VT for 5 months.  We've bought 3 properties in our vicinity all for 6000 lev and under.  They're good sized properties with about 1000 - 1500m2 land.  We bought from locals and used the local notary.  However our first home was purchased from - prices start from as little as 3000 lev.  Join The Pavlikeni Post on Facebook for  a birds eye view of life here.  Good luck

Thanks for your input Phil  :)

Cheers Korter,

Having already bought in a village, we wanted to be bang in the city centre of VT, so that we or guests are within walking distance of the bars, shops, restaurants and breathtaking views over the river and other areas of historical interest. We know that this comes with a premium price and other drawbacks ( lack of parking etc ) Still undecided........
Gave up FB years ago, never looked back  :D

Hiya Jules 999

thanks for putting a smile on my face re your Facebook comment.  I still stand by my VT Properties recommendation.  Ivelin is a tad austere but knows his onions - he's VT born and bred!

Hi Jules 999.  I have just completed buying my house on outskirts of VT.  I 100% endorse what Gadge says - Ideal Homes (run by Ves) is brilliant.  He is helpful and has a great knowledge of available properties if you inform him of what you are looking for he will go out his way to find suitable houses.  He is not profit orientated, he is customer satisfaction orientated.  If you want help, support and a fair deal  Ideal Homes & Ves is the place.  Ves also provides extensive after sales services like help with all things such as where to go for furniture, helping with driving matters, setting up utility bills (endless list).  Ideal Homes stands head & shoulders above all the other agents - 

This is his web link so you can browse & also obtain the contact details :-

Good luck in your search & hope you find what you are looking for

Hi annanirvanna, and thank you very much for the reply and also the link, it's much appreciated! 😊

Your very welcome Jules999  -  hope you find your dream.

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