Entrepreneurs imgration

Hi I'm from midle east want to move newziland as entrepreneurs and start my own business in Auckland ready made garments can you suggest me which area is good and which business is best for me I have 300000 nz doller and I want to know tax system of newzi

First thing to do is to see if you qualify for a visa.

Use Google to research about tax system.
You will need to show that you can support yourself, provide full medical insurance cover.

Auckland rental properties, both private and commercial are the most expensive in New Zealand. Cost of living is very expensive in Auckland.

You need to undertake a lot of research before heading over this way.

Try this website for cost of living,

Thank you so much yes I'm quilified for entrepreneurs but nowe I'm wondering to start business there which business is good and what is usually rent per week

Go onto Google and type in New Zealand Herald. This is the major newspaper in Auckland and the business section will give you information you are looking for.

The Saturday copy of the Herald has a Commercial Business section that has the information.

The cost of living website will have information too.

Try this website too.

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