What is the difference between living in Lagos and cascais

Hi. I am wondering how much a city life Caiscais is
Is it a Mellow place to live or quite a fast paced probably not as fast as Lisbon I imagine.

I have 2 teenage boys who want to go swimming, cinema and meet up with friends and I want a relaxing place but with a choice of things to do

Can anyone give advice
Thanks Karmal

In Lisbon your teens can take public transportation everywhere.  In Cascais, not so much.  Lagos is completely different.

Hi Thanks for writing back.  We are more interested in the Caiscais area and are looking for schools for 2 teenagers, one who is the first year of doing his A levels, do you know anything about the schools in the area or any members who have kids in that area.

Oh sorry I have no firsthand experience with schools in the area.   There is a facebook group called Cascais Parents Network that might be useful to you.  Good luck!

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